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AEROMECCANICA STRANICH started its own activity on 1928, with the engineering, manufacturing and installation of centrifugal fans, axial fans and dampers for all the industrial applications, acquiring and keeping over the years, a leading position in the field.

Since 1970 the Company developed the interest in the field of systems for pollutant and dusty gases control; on this purpose a structure has been specifically created for the engineering, manufacturing and installation of equipments such as wet and dry filters, cyclones, scrubbers and dryers always trying to propose technologically advanced solutions, realized on the base of own licenses, or as a result of the cooperation with the leading Companies in the field, based  in Europe and all over the world, achieving a role of excellence also in the pollution control field.

The main principles to which the Company is inspired by are:

  • The continuous and total care about Client’s needs;
  • Company times and costs flexibility;
  • The continuous updating with new technologies;
  • Product guaranteed quality;
  • Client assistance extended also during after sale;
  • The cooperation with clients and sub-contractors to meet common targets.


The policy of Aeromeccanica Stranich has always been based on the main requirements of the European quality standards; the Quality System management, certified since 1996 in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, is in continuous evolution and directed towards a constant monitoring of the market requirements with , as main goal, the Customer Satisfaction.

The Company operates its own businesses in its Factories of Sesto San Giovanni (MI) and in Solza (BG), on a total area of over 11.000 m2 of which over 7.000 m2 are covered.


1928÷1964 : Construction of Industrial Fans led by Eng. STRANICH , in the old premises in Via Cadorna - Sesto San Giovanni. Name:  AEROMECCANICA  STRANICH S.a.s.

1964÷1969 : Acquisition of the Company by Eng. RENATO FERRONI and Partners, starting with the Dust-Control Systems activity.
Licence agreements with DUCON (USA) for Cyclones, Scrubbers and ILG (USA) for Fans.

1968 : Construction and transfer of the new Factory to Via Giuseppe Di Vittorio N. 300 -  Sesto San Giovanni :
9.000 sq.m   area site, 4500 sq.m  work-shop,
1.000 sq.m  Offices and Files.
Staff increase up to 90 people.

1980 : Transformation from S.r.l.  (Limited Liability Co.)  to S.p.A.  (Joint  Stock Co.) with  Lit. 850.000.000.= fully paid capital.

1984 : Sale of the industrial activity to the International Group PEABODY  (USA) and merging with PEABODY ITALIA.
Total employees: approx. 130.

1986 : Change of the legal Form Name into  PEABODY-STRANICH  S.p.A.
Patent license for “Bag filter with high filtering power and minimum sizes features” n. 198422, date of patent release 31.07.1986. 

1987 : PEABODY leaves the Market and Eng. Renato Ferroni immediately re-starts  the activity, with the Name AEROMECCANICA STRANICH  S.r.l.
Employees :  35

1990 : Sole Agency agreement with D.C.E. (UK) and sales increase in the Dust-Control field.
Increase of employees and cooperating staf up to approx. 40.

1996 : The Company obtains the certification for production process according to ISO 9001 Norms.

1998 : Transformation  from S.r.l. (Limited Liability Co.)  into  S.p.A. (Joint Stock Co.),  increase of the fully paid capital to  Lit. 200.000.000.=,  entry of a new English partner, but Eng. Renato Ferroni still  keeps the majority and the  management of the Company.
Total number of  employees : 42.  Total of sales amount Lit.

2001 : Sole Agency agreement with the French Company DELTA NEU.

2004: Sales amount improves up 10 millions EURO. The employees and cooperating staff is now of 49 people.

2006 : With the opening of the new production workshop in Solza (BG) A.S. considerably increases the production power and sales reach the amount of 15 millions EURO.

2008 :  In occasion of the celebration of the eightieth year of foundation of the Company, the sales of A.S. reach the amount of 20 millions EURO. The number of employees and operating staff is now of 65 people.
A.STRANICH group is joined by the new born sub-company STRANICH SERVICE S.R.L. which attends to industrial service all over the world.

2009 : The Company Management changes: the son of Eng. R. Ferroni, Andrea, makes his entry.
The Group is completely owned by Ferroni Family.
The new technical office of the Company is inaugurated.

2010 : Company programs foresee the completion of the new production plant.